Research Associates

Charles A. Hannaford, Project Director
Charles Hannaford has been an archaeologist at OAS for 38 years.

C. Dean Wilson, Director, Pottery Analysis Laboratory
Dean Wilson is the director of the Pottery Analysis Laboratory.

Timothy D. Maxwell, Director Emeritus
Tim Maxwell was director of the OAS from 1990 until his retirement in 2005.

Tom Windes
Tom Windes has worked on Chaco-related archaeological survey and excavation projects.

Catrina Banks Whitley
Catrina Banks Whitley is an OAS research associate.

F. Joan Mathien
Joan Mathien has been researching Chaco Canyon for almost thirty years.

Matt Barbour
Matt Barbour is an archaeologist, formerly with the Office of Archaeological Studies, presently the Director at Jemez State Monument.

Melissa Payne
Research Associate Melissa Payne (Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 1999) has extensive experience in the study of New Mexico's Spanish Colonial period.

Mostafa Fayek
Mostafa Fayek is a geologist and OAS research associate.

Rebecca Procter
Rebecca Procter is an OAS research associate.

Regge N. Wiseman
Regge N. Wiseman is an OAS research associate.