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OAS Archaeology Notes PDFs may be downloaded here; to check our catalog first, go here. For download questions or inquiries about report status, please e-mail Lynne Arany or call 505-476-4420.

See the panel at left for further details and information on documents in the Laboratory of Anthropology Notes series.

Office of Archaeological Studies Publications

Director of Publications: Rob Turner

Follow this link to Archaeology NotesThe results of our investigations at OAS—archaeological surveys, testing, excavations, and historical and ethnographic research—are published in a technical series called Archaeology Notes. Reports published before 1991 were part of the Laboratory of Anthropology Notes series. We hope that these publications will make it easier for archaeologists to find information relevant to their research and for members of the nonprofessional public to learn more about the archaeology of New Mexico.

Consult the Archaeology Notes Catalogue for a list of reports in the current series (numerical by series number). Most of the numbers in this series can be downloaded in Adobe PDF format free of charge here (or click on the graphic to the right); you will need the AN number from the catalog to pull up the correct report. Some earlier numbers of this series are available only as electronically scanned reproductions of the paper report. Reports "in prep." are in the process of being produced and are not yet available. Reports listed as "restricted" do not circulate. 

Consult the Laboratory of Anthropology Notes Catalogue for a list of reports in the previous series. Public, redacted PDFs of these can be sent free of charge, as e-mail attachments (currently 10 mb or less). All numbers of this series are scanned reproductions of paper reports, and quality varies. Contact the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture (MIAC) | Laboratory of Anthropology Library regarding access to Lab Notes directly online.

In accordance with state and federal law, all information regarding the location of archaeological sites is removed from copies for public distribution. Such information is available to authorized individuals through the New Mexico Cultural Resource Information System, Archeological Records Management Section, Historic Preservation Division.

Send inquiries to: Lynne Arany, Editor/Publications, Office of Archaeological Studies, 7 Old Cochiti Road, Santa Fe, NM 87507, e-mail Lynne Arany, or call 505-476-4420.