The Office of Archaeological Studies at a Glance


Departmental Overview

The New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies (OAS) has been providing cultural resource management services throughout New Mexico since 1952. OAS continues to fulfill the Museum of New Mexico's commitment to the highway archaeology program and has expanded to include a diverse client base. Our list of clients spans the breadth of private and public customers, yet much of the work that we have completed is for return clients.

Since 1952 OAS archaeologists have conducted over 800 archaeological projects and produced nearly 1,000 reports. We have worked throughout New Mexico, adjacent states, and northern Mexico, with reports available on projects in all areas.

The Services We Provide

OAS services flyer

• Monitoring

• Surveying

• Comprehensive archaeological excavation and data revovery

• Osteological and faunal analysis

• Ceramic, lithic, and historic artifact analysis

• Nondestructive radiocarbon sampling

• Photographic and illustration services

• Professional report production and publication

Our List of Clients

• The New Mexico Department of Transportation

• The US Forest Service

• The New Mexico Energy, Mines, and Natural Resources Department

• The Bureau of Land Management

• Numerous New Mexico counties

• The City of Santa Fe

• Telecommunications and utility companies

• Private landowners throughout the state

Archaeological Permits

The Office of Archaeological Studies holds numerous city, state, and federal agency permits to conduct archaeological investigations.

• The US Forest Service

• The City of Santa Fe

• The Bureau of Land Management