New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies


Paid internships are available at the OS for students ages 16 through 24. Due to limited funding, internships are currently available only for Native American students, who learn ancestral technologies from elders and OAS educators. They are also welcome to work on projects in the OAS laboratories, including the radiocarbon sampling lab.

When available, internships for non-Native high school, college, and university students include working in the laboratories, and entry level-jobs that provide valuable work experience in today’s competitive employment markets.

Abby, an OAS intern, says “Every day or almost every day, I am doing something new or different. Being able to face problems and find effective solutions quickly is really helpful and important. The more I help out, the more I contribute to the amazing discoveries. It’s always a victory to me when I learn something new or complete a project. Here at the OAS, we are like a close family, I love it here.”