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Education Outreach

Handprint petroglyphs at La Bajada solstice site

Education Outreach at the Office of Archaeological Studies

The OAS Education Outreach Program is guided by a mission of building and expanding a culture of empathy between the diverse populations of New Mexico, while improving the cohesion and stretch within the populations. Using archaeologically sound understandings as the basis of their programming, OAS educators can tailor their offerings to the needs and strengths of our constituents and partners.

Education outreach activities have been designed around individual grade school classes interested in archaeology, but also around large regional events such as the Festival of the Cranes in Socorro, involving thousands of people. Programs have been delivered to elementary, middle, and high school students, museum docents, archaeological societies, a wide range of civic groups, and Native American groups.

One popular core program is a hands-on exhibit of artifacts, allowing students and the public direct experience with a wide time line of New Mexico archaeology, lifeways, and technology. One can experience firsthand how an atlatl was used to throw a spear, how cordage was manufactured from yucca, and how a turkey-feather blanket can keep you warm on the coldest days.

The OAS Education Outreach Program is financially supported by a combination of State of New Mexico funds, grants and donations through the Museum of New Mexico Foundation (MNMF), and money raised by Friends of Archaeology, an MNMF interest group. The availability of activities depends on OAS work schedules and funding. Most of the program funds are spent on time and travel to counties of the state that don't have easy access to the museums.

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